Step One – Content Strategy for Inbound Marketing

16 Mar
March 16, 2012

As promised at the end of January in my last post, I am going to work through the strategic implications of the three key elements of an inbound marketing transition and plan.  Those are of course a) your content strategy, b) Search Engine Optimization, and c) your social media strategy.

First, and foremost in my mind, is the content strategy.  A well-formed and complete content strategy incorporates the brand elements and brand promise in all aspects.  By that I mean to say that the content that you produce must absolutely reflect the voice, the brand promise, and the tone of both your own organization, and at the same time be reflective of the audience you are engaging with.  In other words, a deep understanding and manifestation of the types and tone of information that your audience is actually searching for.

Then, that content strategy must be delivered in the variety of formats and elements that the audience wants to engage with.  I like the analogy of placing content elements into a “stream” or “river” of information “out there” on the internet.  The audience can then “dip” into that stream and pick up the elements that appeal to that specific audience member at their preferred times in their preferred format.

But it takes more than the stream of content to really engage fully with your audience members – it takes a destination.  And once arrived at the destination, a reason to return.  A destination with both compelling and changing content elements, and an easy way for their return.  So the content strategy requires brand, delivery, format, and destination in order to form a complete picture.

Next time – on to SEO.

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