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08 Jan
January 8, 2014

I believe in content.  As the former CMO for Enterprise Content Management software, I have been steeped in content for years.  Enterprise content, marketing content, content strategies and tactics, and making our use of content smarter.  Since content is ultimately what is compelling for readers, let’s spend a moment thinking about how to make content better.

Firstly, the content must be made compelling.  For many brands, particularly B2B, this is a real problem.   There is a consistent tendency to produce overly wordy product and service descriptions.  These also tend to be very inwardly focused, going on and on about features and functions and capabilities.  Finally, the writing style and voice itself can be very dry.  Think of the last good novel you read.  Did you find you couldn’t put it down because of the plot?  Or was it just plain great writing style that made it compelling.  We need better writing for emails, mobile viewing, web, and all other forms of communications.

Secondly, once we let content out, it is just like a fledgling pushed from the nest – never to be seen again.  We need better methods to “tag and track” the vastly different types of content we produce so we can analyze its effect, understand where and why it is found, friended, followed and ultimately forwarded.  In this way, and only with these capabilities, will we be able to optimize our content toward its intended purpose.

Let’s build or buy tools and services that we can put together to understand and optimize our content creation, content strategies, and content value.


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