Back Again – on Inbound Marketing

05 Mar
March 5, 2012

My sincere apologies to all my faithful readers and followers.  Much has transpired and conspired against me getting back to regular blog posting since August of last year.  I won’t bore you with the litany, but the most egregious was my hosting provider failing to transfer my blog to the new platform, and then taking 3 months to correct it.   Think about the impact of your web site disappearing for 3 months!

Now – on to the good stuff.  Let’s start where we left off in August. Discussing inbound marketing.  Since January of last year I’ve been studying where we go right, and where we go wrong for inbound marketing strategy and execution.  I developed a simple game plan for my organization that connected the three aspects of inbound marketing together – namely Search Engine Optimization, Content Strategy, and Social Media.

We know these are all connected in their effects – yet many times we separate them in different departments within our marketing organizations.  Add in paid media, and you have a challenge.  That’s OK if you have a good method and motivation to allow constant collaboration.  If these departments don’t have a good working relationship and a way to coordinate, your efforts will be diluted.

If you do have the right motivations in place, and the right team atmosphere, you will find (and I have seen this time and again) that your efforts (and marketing dollars) will have a force multiplying effect on one another, and your results will skyrocket.  I am not talking about a 5% or 15% improvement.  These aspects of content marketing, working smarter together, can have a doubling or tripling effect on your marketing efforts, wherever you choose to focus – awareness, lead generation, conversion rates.

Finally, a personal note of thanks to those who have stood by whilst my web site was down – thanks.  I will continue to be more active and regular in my posts forthwith.


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